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Charles Tucker awakes to find himself in a strange place. Phlox informs him that an accident aboard the USS Defiant injured him badly and that he had been returned to Earth for treatment, though he was soon going to die. In reality, Tucker was being tortured on the orders of the Empress in order to gain the prefix code of the ISS Nobunaga, which had been stolen by Jonathan Archer (with Tucker's help) and was being used against the Empire. In the end, the efforts at torture appear to have failed, though the Empress gives orders to continue the torture.

This short story takes its name from Oda Nobunaga, a powerful Samurai warlord of late 16th century Japan, who was a driving force in the unification of that country.



Jonathan ArcherLeandraPhloxA.G. RobinsonMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker III
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Zefram CochraneHessRobin HoodTravis MayweatherMorowskiFriar Tuck
Primary universe references
Charles Tucker III

Starships and vehicles

USS DefiantISS EnterpriseISS NobunagaUlysses


Referenced only
Beta NairobiBozeman

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Terran EmpireTerran Imperial Guard
Referenced only

Other references

agonizerArcher's Rebellioncaptaincommanderdelta radiationEmperor of the Terran Empirefirst officermind meldparsecphoton torpedoRegent of the Terran Empireshieldviewscreenwarp drive


References and Notes

  1. Although the Historian's Note at the start of the story cites the year 2156, there are numerous references in the story indicating that this a typo and that the actual year is 2165: Tucker having studied Defiant for ten years and thinking of T'Pol in her borrowed twenty-third century uniform ten years earlier, having been summoned to the Empress's Kyoto palace to begin construction of Nobunaga five years earlier, and completion of the ship taking five years. In addition, the story states that Jonathan Archer's clone, introduced at the end of "Age of the Empress," had served the Empire for two years before defecting to and eventually leading the rebels, reinforcing a time well after 2156.

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