The Nokalana Sea is a sea on the planet Tezwa. During the Dominion War, Prime Minister Kinchawn allowed a nadion-pulse cannon firebase to be built in the sea at a facility straddling the equator 9.6 kilometers underwater as well as at five other locations around the planet.

Delta TeamEdit

In 2379, a strike team from the USS Enterprise-E consisting of Lieutenant Christine Vale, engineers Sakrysta and Spitale, and security officer Lieutenant Scott Fillion parachuted in then swam underwater to destroy the firebase. The team found that a submarine docked at the base was blocking the entrance. The team was able set off explosives causing water to flood in and allowing the base personnel to evacuate. Delta team was able to get inside the base after everyone had transferred to the submarine, but the Tezwans had transferred the controls of the pulse cannons to bases on Mount Ranakar and the Kolidos Desert. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

Assistant chief engineer Taurik had transporter chief T'Bonz utilize the entire Enterprise transporter array to beam up a section of the Nokalana seabed to a warehouse on the outskirts of Arbosa-Lo to search for the chimerium iris Vale reported seeing. Geordi La Forge authorized Taurik to perform his search along with engineers Linder, Porter, Veldon, and Wolfe, which was eventually successful in recovering the rare element. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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