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Nolotai in 2377

Nolotai was a Human male who served in Starfleet in the 24th century. By 2377 Nolotai had achieved the rank of Vice Admiral and had direct authority over the missions of the USS Incursion.

In 2377 Nolotai charged the Incursion with uncovering the mysteries of the ever-expanding Warden conspiracy. Nolotai himself eventually fell victim to the nanites which the Wardens used to take control of their victims. However, he had fortunately foreseen this possibility, and had already given Captain Refelian autonomy to continue the Incursion's mission. This meant that the Incursion was still able to continue tracing the Wardens' activities and countering them, finally locating the Wardens' headquarters on Vulcan. The Incursion crew successfully infiltrated the Wardens' facility, eventually locating the leader of the organization, N'Kal, and neutralising their nanites. Nolotai and all the other victims across the galaxy, were then freed from Warden control. (TNG video game: Away Team)

While the game does not give specific details, it is indicated that the Incursion and it's crew are agents of Starfleet espionage, and therefore Nolotai, who authorised their missions was likely a member of Starfleet Special Operations or Starfleet Intelligence.
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