Nor Any Drop to Drink was a Star Trek: The Original Series comic strip published in 1969. It was the ninth story arc in the UK comic strips series, and was released in five parts within issues of TV21 & Joe 90. This was the ninth of 11 stories illustrated by Harry Lindfield.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

Teaser summary, 15 November 1969
In free space flight one moment… the next, submerged in the depths of an ocean! Incredible though it was, it had happened to the starship Enterprise… and utterly baffled Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock who had donned pressure suits to leave their craft and investigate. They found… trouble!


While exploring the Sigma Draconis Group, the USS Enterprise suddenly came to a complete halt. The vessel had penetrated the dense liquid of a globular planet and experienced a pressure of nearly 30 atmospheres. Kirk and Spock swam out an airlock to look around, but a mammoth sea creature suddenly swallowed the captain. Within its airy maw, Kirk was able to fire his phaser, annoy the creature, and be spat out.

They returned to the ship, only to discover Sigma fishmen attaching grapplers to the Enterprise. The starship was towed by a submarine toward an undersea city. Kirk and Spock left the airlock in their pressure suits to make peaceful contact with the natives, but they were captured, brought into the city and threatened with dissection.

Kirk escaped and returned with a raiding party. During the fighting, Kirk captured a freeze gun that generated immense cold and ice around any target. They located a tank sporting a more powerful gun. After blanketing the Enterprise with ice, their ship began to rise. The raiding party quickly returned to the ship before it broke the surface. Deflectors shattered the ice, and the Enterprise launched back into space.



Christine ChapelRoss JohnsonJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhuraunnamed Sigma fishmen • "huge creature"

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • tankSigma submarine


Sigma Draconis Group (globular planet)
Referenced only 

Races and culturesEdit

Sigma fishmanHumanVulcan

Science and technologyEdit

airlockcommunicatorcomputercudgeldeflectordissectionenginefishing rodfreeze gungrapplerknifeobservation portphaserpressure suitscannersensorspearthrusteruniversal translatorwebb-gun

Ranks and titlesEdit

anglercaptainchiefFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)scientistStarfleet ranks

Other referencesEdit

atmospherebridgecitydensitydreamhullminuteoceanparleyplanetpressurespacestarStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)starshipvacuum



  • The lack of Pavel Chekov, James T. Kirk becoming momentarily paralyzed before being gobbled up by the sea creature, and Kirk calling McCoy "Mac" instead of "Bones" would place the story very early during the five-year mission, in 2265.
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Production historyEdit

  • This story was serialized over five issues of TV21 & Joe 90 magazine in two-page sections.
November 1969
December 1969
  • 6 December, pages 9-10 published in TV21 & Joe 90 #11
April 2016 
Reprinted in the omnibus The Classic UK Comics, Volume 1 (IDW Publishing)
11 May 2017 
Reprinted in the omnibus Graphic Novel Collection #10 (Eaglemoss)



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