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Nora Hagler was a 24th century Human woman, a Starfleet captain in the 2370s decade.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After Nora's parents died while she was still a kid she had to raise her little brother Edward by herself, for this reason when he was killed by the experiments of the Solanagen-based entities she grew bitter and angry.

By the year 2370, she was in command of the Federation starship USS Hornet and had deviated from her mission to reach a Tetryon anomaly that she suspected might have been a portal to the subspace realm from which the Solanae originated. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

Despite Captain Picard's recommendations she opened fire on a Solanae starship that was attempting to recover a probe, soon another Solanae vessel entered the battle and fired on both the Hornet and the first Solanae starship. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

While the second starship didn't manage to recover the probe it managed to trap the Hornet in the Solanae subspace realm, it was quickly revealed that while the first ship was commanded by pacific explorers the second one belonged to the same faction that performed the experiment on the crew of the Enterprise and on Nora's brother. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")

While the Enterprise and the first Solanae starship arrived shortly after thanks to the Hornet chief engineer, James McRobb, Captain Hagler was gunned down by a Solanae during a fight. (TNG comic: "The Unconquered")

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