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Nordstral was a partially glaciated planet in the Nordstal system, located in Federation space within the the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It was the homeworld of the Kitka civilization.

History and specifics

Nordstral orbited two F type white stars. Natives evolved when the planet was warmer. As it glaciated, surviving populations migrated to the equator and built cities. An ice sheet in the north thickened to 500 meters. A band of open water remained around the equator in the 23rd century, and glacier calving resulted in pockets of free water.

Magnetic biota floating in the planet's oceans were responsible for the atmosphere's oxygen content. An abundance of wildlife ate the plankton or animals that fed on plankton, including krakens.

The orbiting space station Curie managed Nordstral Pharmaceuticals installations on the surface that operated plankton harvesters such as Cousteau, John Lilly, and Soroya.

Nordstal's magnetic field was several times stronger than normal. In the 2270s, the world was plagued by magnetic storms as its poles reversed, causing icequakes and temporary insanity among some of the staff. The disasters were a byproduct of harvesting too much magnetic biota. As it would take three centuries for the planet to stabilize naturally, the starship USS Enterprise cloned replacement biota in 2274 to repair the ecosystem. (TOS novel: Ice Trap)


  • kraken
  • magnetic biota

Points of interest


  • Nordstral Pharmaceuticals

Notable residents

  • Alion
  • Baker
  • Bracken
  • Ghyl
  • Clara Mandeville
  • Muhanti
  • Nhym
  • Nuie
  • Risa
  • Vernon Stehle
  • Tenzing
  • Windisch



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