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Norman Kenyon was a male human in Starfleet in the 24th century, born circa 2310. He had one sibling, a brother named Byron.

Kenyon married a fellow Starfleet officer, Marsha Kenyon, and the two had a daughter, Stephanie.

Around 2351, Kenyon held the rank of lieutenant, and was assigned to the USS Lankhmar. It was on that ship that he met Todd Kogutt, also then a lieutenant, and the two became close friends.

Sometime prior to 2365, Kenyon was promoted to captain, and given command of the USS Harriman. He made Marsha his science officer, and Kogutt his chief engineer. In 2365, the Harriman responded to an attack on a Klingon cargo ship by a Romulan warbird, commanded by Commander Tomalak. The Harriman was lost in the ensuing fight, and Kenyon's wife was among the casualties. Kenyon refused to take any leave time in spite of Starfleet's recommendations, and after a brief review period, was given command of the USS Grissom. (NF novel: Once Burned)

In 2366, Kenyon found himself in another confrontation with Tomalak near the Romulan Neutral Zone. This time, his ship was saved, but Kogutt, who had transferred with Kenyon to the Grissom, was killed in the course of the hostilities. (NF short story: "Performance Appraisal")

In 2369, the Grissom was assigned on a diplomatic mission to the Anzibar system, lead by his brother Byron and daughter Stephanie, both Federation negotiators. Tragically, both were beaten to death after beaming down to speak with Kradius, the leader of the Dufaux. This led Kenyon to conspire with the Carvargna against Kradius and the Dufaux, in violation of his Starfleet orders and Federation law, and to swiftly lose his grip on his own sanity. Recognizing this, Grissom first officer Commander Mackenzie Calhoun attempted to stop the Grissom's attack on the Dufaux, and succeeded in preventing Kenyon from murdering Kradius in cold blood. However, Kenyon's agony and guilt in the end drove him to turn his phaser on himself and take his own life. (NF novel: Once Burned)

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