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North America on Earth in the mirror universe.

Northern hemisphere of Earth, 20th century.

North America is a continent located on Earth, and is connected to the South American continent. The three main countries located in North America are Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico.

In the 23rd century, this continent is sometimes referred to as EnnAy (for the initials, "N.A."). (TOS novel: The Romulan Way)

In the 24th century, key natural and man-made points of interest in North America were targeted by Cardassia Prime, during the Dominion Wars. (ST reference: Star Charts)

The computer banks aboard Federation starships have maps of the North American continent stored in their systems, so they can be used as an instructional tool for visiting aliens who want to learn more about Earth. In 2254, the Talosians observed these maps when they were searching through the library computer aboard the USS Enterprise. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

DP-7 was the orbital defense platform responsible for defending North America. (ST - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "Eleven Hours Out")

Alternate timelines

In a permutation of the mirror universe where the Second Terran Empire rose to power, the Terran Space Defense Fortress orbited Earth in a geostationary position above North America. The continent was visible from the large Ops windows of the space station. When Admiral Leeta created the holographic "Operation Wolf" training scenario for Khitomer Alliance personnel in 2411, she included this vista. (STO - Terran Gambit mission: "Operation: Wolf")

Locations in North America

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