"pretty authentic [...] right down to the spittoons."
Charles Tucker III, 2153[src]
North Star Town

The town of North Star in 2153.

North Star was the name of the town on a former Skagaran colony in the Delphic Expanse. The town resemble towns of the the 19th century ancient West of North America. The town was populated by mostly by humans and a few Skagarans. (ENT episode: "North Star"; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

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In 2153, a landing party from the Enterprise (NX-01) under Captain Jonathan Archer went to the town to discover how the humans had arrived there. There, they learned that they had been brought there by the Skagaran as slaves who then rebelled against them. Archer learned from the school teacher Bethany that the Skagaran were treated by humans badly after Cooper Smith established laws restricting them to Skag town and did not allow them to go to school with the humans. Archer then revealed himself to be from Earth.

Despite resistance from Deputy Bennings, Archer was able to convince Sheriff MacReady and his fellow towns people to repel their outdated laws regarding Skagarans going to school. (ENT episode: "North Star"; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

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