Norusians are an advanced sentient humanoid species from the planet Norus.


Norusians are distinguishable by their blue skin, single eye, reddish-brown hair, and pointed ears. They were shorter in stature than other humanoid species such as Humans and Vulcans. Soldiers wore gold-colored breastplates.

Their ruling body consisted of nine councilors and a president called the Council of the Wise.


In the 23rd century, an interplanetary war existed between the Norusians and Eldorians.

In 2265, Norusians used a long distance transporter to abduct the crew of an Eldorian spy ship. When James T. Kirk and Spock investigated, they were also abducted and imprisoned by the Norusians as enemy spies. (TOS comic: "Menace of the Moloth")

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