Norusian Central Control was a government building on Norus in the 23rd century.


The building was an underground complex, the main facility for the Norusian's offensive and defensive operations, including its long distance transporters and radiation bombarders. It was a critical aspect of their war against Eldor. It also housed military prison facilities.


In 2265, Norusian Central Control detected an Eldorian spy ship in space and beamed its crew to Norus, where they were taken captive. Later, when activity was detected on the empty ship, Central Control used the transporter again, this time capturing James T. Kirk and Spock, who were incarcerated in the facility.

The Eldorian warship Lebron was dispatched to destroy Norusian Central Control and end the war. The forward section of this craft detached and extended telescoping legs that could crush tanks as it walked. The Norusian populace and military fled when they saw the Lebron approach. When her crew got close enough, explosives were quickly planted in the facility. A raiding party from the USS Enterprise accompanied the Lebron and rescued Kirk and Spock shortly before Norusian Central Control exploded. (TOS comic: "Menace of the Moloth")



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