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The Norvel system was a star system just outside of Federation territory, in a region of space called the "Corporate Corridor".

History and specifics[]


The system had at least five habitable planets, plus a number of large asteroids suitable for mining.

From approximately the mid 2360s to the mid 2370s, entrepreneur Rod Portlyn purchased several entire worlds in the system, converting them to industrial and retail centers. However, in 2376, it was discovered that Portlyn had intentionally damaged at least two of these planets -- Phantas 61 and Vemlar -- in order to induce the inhabitants to sell to him under his terms. Upon learning this, a competing investor, Patrice Bennett, was able to purchase ownership of Portlyn's holdings from his creditors, including his Norvel system properties. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

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Bodies in the Norvel system[]