Nova XIII natives are an unnamed native, sentient non-humanoid species from Nova XIII.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nova XIII natives are bipedal, three feet tall, with an ovoid-shaped torso that contained their head. Their eyes are bulbous and red.

They are a primitive people who live in jungle cities. Weapons include spears as well as bows and arrows. They seem to live in harmony with a giant race of cyclops, using a flute-like instrument to communicate through music. They are a hunting species that construct animal traps, such as deep holes covered with branches.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2265, a Trans-Galactic Zoological Federation probe landed on Nova XIII and released a walking robot to explore the surface. It soon fell into one of the natives' animal traps and was wrecked.

When telemetry was lost from the probe, James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott landed the Galileo on the surface, and were found quickly by the natives. They may have considered Kirk's universal translator to be a weapon, as they quickly batted it to the ground, significantly damaging it. The natives brought Kirk and Scott to a government council in a jungle village. Unable to explain their peaceful intentions, Kirk feared they were being sentenced to death, and quickly fled back to the shuttlecraft. (TOS comic: "Nova-Thirteen")

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