Noye was a male Krenim scientist living in the late 24th century and early 25th century. During the Iconian War, Noye was working for the Krenim Imperium alongside with several other species from the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrants on a project to rebuild the Krenim temporal weapon ship originally designed by 22nd century Krenim scientist Annorax.


During the Vaadwaur Supremacy's invasion of the Krenim Imperium, Noye was living with his wife, Clauda, on Kyana Prime. They were also in the planet when the Krenim made use of their temporal technology to take the planet out of the timestream, thus protecting them from the Vaadwaur threat. After the Alpha Quadrant Alliance discovered the Krenim hidden base on Kyana Prime's moon and made a treaty to fight the Iconians, Noye was assigned to work for the alliance at a research lab station, wich was being built in the Kyana system. Their goal was to recreate Annorax's temporal weapon ship and use it against the Iconian Empire.

When the temporal weapon ship, the Annorax was completed, it was used to prevent the USS Yamato from discovering Iconia. However, doing so caused Romulus to be assimilated by the Borg. In a desperate attempt to fix the timeline, a certain Borg transwarp gate was fired at, erasing it from time, but causing Clauda and her race to be seemingly erased from time. Work on the project stopped while data was collected from the Annorax over how it was used. (STO mission: "Butterfly")

Sometime later, Noye looked over the files within the Annorax and learned of Clauda and, even more, their unborn child. Driven mad with grief and blaming the erasure of his wife and child on the Federation, Noye began to seek revenge on them. Doing so, he would learn that her race had somehow survived, existing in another time and place, outside of prime space. He planned to find a way to release these "Builders" from this space and be reunited with his family. Having his treachery discovered in the future where he interrupted the signing of the Temporal Accords, a member of the Alliance along with a fellow Krenim named Traaya confronted him, leading him to set off a trap to knock out Traaya and set bombs within the lab. The member deactivated the bombs, allowing Noye to escape with the Annorax. After a fearsome fight between the Annorax, the member's ship and the USS Pastak, Noye escaped into the timestream, the captain following suit. However, the Annorax damaged the pursuing ship enough to force him to back off, allowing him to escape. (STO mission: "Time and Tide")

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