In an alternate timeline, Nuevos Angeles Colony was an early settlement of the United Federation of Planets on Sherman's Planet, circa 2267.

The colony was located on Leander Bay and was near Port Emily, which sat on the opposite side of the bay. The colony had at least one hospital and was said to have had the best medical facilities out of all the Federation settlements on the planet.

Only a year into the planet's settlement, the colony's hospital treated a large number of colonists who were becoming repeatedly sick following frequent crop failures. Nilz Baris, who effectively became governor of the planet after Governor Elizabeth Zaman's death, remarked that should the Federation's attempts to settle the planet fail, Nuevos Angeles would serve as the colonists' last stand.

Several months later all of Sherman's Planet's Federation colonies, including Nuevos Angeles, would be evacuated by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). (Myriad Universes novel: Honor in the Night)

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