Nuri Jakarz.

Nuri Jakarz was a human man, the owner of N-J Film Effects Studio, a special effects movie company. Among his credits were models of the lost city of Abdar and the underwater world of Lokauruk.

In 2266, while claiming to be an amateur film maker, Jakarz provided vice chairman Fado with a video tape showing James T. Kirk meeting with Liji Bragg, the head of an illegal mining operation, on the planet Zeayana. In fact, Jakarz had faked the video at the behest of Bragg's secret partner, vice chairman Hajara. Kirk, in disguise and investigating the charges against him, broke into Jakarz's home and discovered proof that the evidence had been faked. Jakarz discovered Kirk in his house and threatened him with his phaser, but Kirk saved himself by claiming to be Bexel Redexa, a reporter from Drid Interstellar News sent to interview the film maker. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

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