O'Hare Rocket Port was a spaceport located in New Chicago on Luna in the 23rd century.

History Edit

In 2266, celebrated Earth mathematician and pacifist Alfred Bleikoff, cryogenically frozen in the 1990s, was revived aboard the USS Enterprise. He visited New Chicago and gave a rousing speech to have the planetary Earth defense screen removed. Afterward, he was taken through security at O'Hare Rocket Port, where Leonard McCoy arranged for security officials to request Bleikoff take an X-ray scan. An old X-ray machine had been located and set up at the spaceport. However, Bleikoff angrily refused to be scanned, calling it an invasion of his privacy, but providing McCoy with supporting evidence about the celebrity’s biology. McCoy gave a security officer a donation for the Port Inspector’s Association as thanks for setting up the confrontation. James T. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Montgomery Scott then boarded a transport bound for Jerusalem, arriving there 20 minutes later. (TOS comic: "Prophet of Peace")

Presumably O'Hare Rocket Port was named after O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

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