The Devna-Lev was an Orion Maraar-class barge owned by the Orion privateer Harrad-Sar in 2154 (CCG set: What You Leave Behind, card: "Harrad-Sar", TNG comic: "Spock: Reflections, Issue 1").

On December 27, 2154, the Devna-Lev approached the Enterprise (NX-01), and Harrad-Sar invited Captain Jonathan Archer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and two MACOs aboard his vessel to discuss a business proposition. They met in an opulent chamber decorated by Orion tapestries and with a banquet that included a spined pig. There they witnessed a dance by three Orion slave girls: Navaar, D'Nesh and Maras.

The ship returned a few days later to attack the Enterprise after its warp drive had been disabled and attempted to tow it away with a grappler. Commander T'Pol launched a positron burst up the cable that triggered an energy cascade and disabled the Devna-Lev's power systems. The Enterprise was released and Harrad-Sar and his ship were left to limp home at low impulse (ENT episode: "Bound").

It took the Devna-Lev nearly a year to return home. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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