Planet Oason around 2374.

Oason[1], also known as Tomerela IV[2], was a class M[3] planet, the fourth planet[4] in the Tomerela[5] star system in the Gamma Quadrant.[6] (Adventures RPG module: Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook, Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Core Game Book)

Oason was the homeworld of the Wadi species and governed by the Wadi Commission. (Adventures RPG module: Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook)

History and specifications[edit | edit source]

Oason was a lush, paradisiac planet. Many biomes were warm and humid. Wadi society developed over 18,000 years before the 24th century, making it the oldest extant civilization within the known Gamma Quadrant.

The casino and game areas were open to visitors. Advanced technology would transport hostiles, like armed warships, to the edge of the system.

By 2374, the Wadi Commission was independent of the Dominion. (Adventures RPG module: Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook)

By 2410, Dominion had incorporated the Idran sector, and the Wadi had become members. (STO - Victory Is Life mission: "Vorta Log")

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