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Working to save a young girl in a coma, Bashir finds himself at odds with Odo when Quark sets up a deal with a Maquis member who has the drug that could save the life of the girl.

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Dr. Bashir is treating a young Bajoran girl called Bryth who took a seizure and collapsed while travelling with her parents on a Bajoran shuttle. Bryth is in a coma and Bashir is unable to determine what caused her illness. Scans of her brain show frequent and unusual activity, but her body is deteriorating fast.

Jadzia is assisting Bashir gets answers and she has discovered that Bryth's condition matches descriptions in a religious text of a drug taken by ancient Bajorans that put them in a trance while near an Orb. The effects mentioned in the text only lasted a few minutes. Bashir checks records and discovers that the shuttle Bryth was on also carried the Orb of Wisdom.

Bashir synthesizes a version of the drug, but it has no effect. Sisko and Kira use their contacts on Bajor, but no sample of the drug can be found either. Bryth's condition worsens, but Bashir is surprised when Quark claims he has found a source who is bringing the drug to the station.

Bashir and Quark meet Quark's associate at a docking bay, but Odo interrupts the deal. Quark's associate is a member of the Maquis, who stole the drug in a raid on a Cardassian outpost. The Cardassians themselves stole it from Bajor.

Bashir presses Odo to let him take the drug, but Odo wants to clear up the situation first. The two have a hostile exchange, but Odo allows Bashir to proceed. Bashir successfully uses the drug to treat Bryth. A recovered Bryth hugs Odo, a suggestion proposed to her by Bashir

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Julian BashirBrythJadzia DaxOdoQuarkBenjamin Sisko

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Deep Space 9 (Infirmarystation commander's office)
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BajorTanlos Province

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Bajoran MilitiaMaquisStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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Bajoran religionborathiumGrand Naguslatinumleporazinemorathialneutrinoorbtransportertransporter buffer

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  • Bashir mentions "the Orb the Grand Nagus sold the Bajorans", a probable reference to the Orb of Wisdom which places "Oaths" after the events of "Prophet Motive".

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