The Obelisk-class were a type of carrier starship developed by an ancient civilization and were active by the 25th century.[1] The ship belonged to the Iconian servitor people Solanae. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")

Service historyEdit

In 2409, when Ambassador Worf, Captain Va'Kel Shon and a dozen other Starfleet, KDF and Romulan officers and scientists stranded in Storage Facility Z98 in subspace after the New Romulan Iconian gateway had been sabotaged, they discovered a console containing status information on the Obelisk 1 and were able to seize the unmanned ship through another portal. The officers manned the stations and opened another gateway, emerging in the Jouret system in time to join forces with the flagships of their respective governments to combat an Elachi attack fleet. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")

Techical specificationsEdit

These powerful vessels were believed to had been created by a culture that had only limited contact with the Alpha Quadrant. They were noted to share some technological similarities to the starships used by the Elachi even though it did not follow their ship design. It was this reason that it was thought that the Obelisk were traced to a common point of origin with the Elachi. These carriers also made use of Obelisk Swarmers that were small unmanned drone craft that used anti-proton beams and transphasic torpedos for harassing attacks on their enemies.[2] (STO website: STO Season 8 Dev Blog #14)


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