Obisek was the leader of a Reman separatist movement in the 2400s decade. (ST video games: Star Trek Online, Legacy of Romulus)


Obisek originally was the head of security of Crateris in the year 2409. He and his fleet were away from the colony when it was attacked by the Elachi. (STO mission: "Crossroads at Crateris")

It is unclear what happened upon his return to the colony, but Obisek eventually figured out the Elachi were in league with the Tal Shiar.

Eventually, he acquired thalaron triggers from the Orion Syndicate boss of Nimbus III, Hassan the Undying. (STO mission: "The Undying")

Following that, he had planned to take thalaron weapons created at the Vault to use for a massive attack. However, Starfleet officers infiltrated the Vault using a shuttlecraft and discovered his motives. They then escaped and helped prevent Obisek from escaping. (STO mission: "The Vault")

His home base, as of 2409, was constructed beneath the surface of planet Dera IV, a frozen and lifeless world. The base was constructed of pieces of a Romulan D'deridex class warbird, beamed in piece by piece. The base remained secret for a time, but the Tal Shiar pursued them and soon discovered the location of the base. An allied ship came and the captain met with Obisek, and then reported their findings to Starfleet. (STO mission: "Frozen")

His ship was named Zdenia, a Valdore-class warbird, which was named after the former leader of Crateris, Zden. After the events on Dera IV, he took the ship to Brea III to attack Colonel Hakeev's base alongside his allies. Hakeev was captured during the fighting and Obisek executed him. (STO mission: "Cutting the Cord")

In the Romulan Republic campaign, it is instead the player character that executes Hakeev.

He also had a T'Varo-class warbird named Rerik, which he commanded after the Tal Shiar briefly took over the Vault. (STO mission: "Vault Shuttle Event")

Obisek later aligned himself and his people with the Romulan Republic following the fall of the Tal Shiar. (STO mission: "New Romulus Aid")

Prior to the discovery of the Iconian Gateway on New Romulus, the Vault fell under attack by Tholians as a way of distracting the Romulan Republic from finding the gateway before them. Obisek led the defending forces from the massive facility itself, and the Tholians were prevented from stealing The Vault. (STO mission: "Vault Incursion")

Shortly, afterwards, Obisek became the commander of the Romulan Republic starbase, Vauthil Station, which came under attack by the Terran Empire of the mirror universe. (STO mission: "Mirror Invasion")



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Obisek is voiced by Eric Newsome in Star Trek Online.

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