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The crew encounter aliens who inhabit a massive ship and learn they plan to scour Bajor for resources.


The Hive came from another galaxy: billions of alien beings living inside a vast, biological starship. They've already destroyed one planet, using it as raw material and fuel for their endless voyage through the cosmos, and now the Hive is heading for Bajor. To the Bajorans they've sent a warning, to evacuate the planet or die along with it. Determined to fight, the Bajorans assemble a battle fleet, but it's hopeless against the overwhelming power of the Hive, and only by penetrating the Hive's defenses to learn its guarded secret does Captain Sisko stand a chance of saving Bajor.


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Julian BashirBoranBreeJadzia DaxDimasDronDukatFontanaGaraiaGavronHarlHosirJaro EssaKeveKira NerysLadraMakarnMarelMornFeron MulakNoguchiMiles O'BrienOdoPakatPremonQuarkRalRaldarRomSahnaShakaar EdonBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoSoykaTakTarvokTorkTorvinTukhWinn AdamiWorinYarka
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Bareil AntosCurzon DaxMalkoTheronVarani


BajorBajor sectorBajoran wormholeCardassiaCardassia CityCelestial TempleCitadelDaraneDarane IIIDarane IVDeep Space 9Determination CenterFormaxPromenadeQuark's
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Alpha QuadrantAndromeda GalaxyBavroma spaceportGamma QuadrantMagellanic CloudsMintos AlphaTirek VIII

Starships and vehicles

battle cruiserCalderisi raiderCharakDanube-class runaboutUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • heavy cruiserheavy interceptorHive interceptorHiveKaritanMorvan Falls (Bajoran starship) • shuttletravel tubetruckVendikar
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USS EnterpriseUSS FarragutUSS PikeUSS Hood

Races and cultures

Bajoran (Daranian) • CardassianChangelingFerengiHiveHumanProphetsTrill
Referenced only
BorgCalderisiKlingonTirek VIII nativesUnnamed races and cultures

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaCardassian Central CommandCardassian First FleetCardassian Second FleetCardassian GuardCardassian UnionCitizen's CouncilHiveRed FlightStarfleetTeam OneTeam TwoUnited Federation of Planets
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Bajoran ResistanceDominionMaquis

Science and technology

airlockalienanimalantimatterastronomyatmosphereatombioregeneratorblasterbloodbombbotanical receptorcircuit boardcommunicatorcomputercontainment fieldcontrol paneldelta-emitter arraydocking clampearthquakeelevatorfireforce shieldgalaxygeneratorhologramholosuitehurricaneinertial damperinversion fieldjamming signallaser driverlightningmicronmoleculemonitormonofilamentmortarmotororbphaserphoton cannonphoton torpedoprojectile weaponrainbowrepair dronereplicatorreport compsensorsolar systemspace stationstarsunsupernovathoraxthrustertinglertorpedotractor beamtransportertranquilizer darttricorderwarp drivewarp nacellewireworker drone

Ranks and titles

admiralastronomercaptainChief of SecurityconstableDarane First MinisterdoctorEmissary of the ProphetsengineerFirst Ministerfirst officerGrand Mastergulgul-tarHivemasterkailieutenantmajornavigatorrebelscholarscience officerscientistsex providersuicide bombertechniciantutorvedek

Other references

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Background information

  • John Peel originally intended the story to feature the Borg. (Voyages of Imagination)
  • Peel uses elements of his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine young adult novels in Objective: Bajor, especially characters and events from Prisoners of Peace.
  • Objective: Bajor features the events leading up to the fall of the Cardassian Central Command, as described in "The Way of the Warrior".
  • An excerpt of Objective: Bajor appears in Adventures in Time and Space.
  • According to John Peel's interview in Voyages of Imagination the Borg were to originally feature in this book, however Simon & Schuster wasn't sure whether Paramount was going to use the Borg in an episode of Deep Space Nine, so Peel was asked to change the alien species.
  • John Peel also noted in Voyages of Imagination that Chapter 1 was added after his wife had read the book and found that what ended up being Chapter 2 didn't have enough action.


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