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Oblivion's Gate is the 3rd novel in the Star Trek: Coda trilogy by author David Mack, released in November 2021.


Their final mission is their finest hour.
An impossible task.
Captain Benjamin Sisko takes the Defiant back in time and into a parallel universe, so that he and Data can undo the vile sabotage that triggered the temporal apocalypse.
A shadow rising.
Meanwhile, Admiral William T. Riker's grasp of reality becomes more tenuous by the minute. Can his beloved Deanna Troi free him from madness before it’s too late?
A daring last stand.
Starfleet's heroes risk everything to set time right. But will Captain Jean-Luc Picard let Beverly Crusher and their son die? Or will he destroy the multiverse to save them?


  • Prelude: The Second Splinter
  • Part I: Only Moments Between
  • Part II: Many Possible Worlds
  • Part III: The Measure of a Life
  • Grace Note: What Remains to Be Seen



Leonard James AkaarPava Ek'Noor sh'AqabaaHans BalfeReginald Barclay (mirror 1ST)Julian BashirBorg QueenDomenica CorsiBeverly CrusherEzri Dax (mirror)Sonya GomezK. D. HagemanHrissK'Ehleyr (mirror)KeesoRanul KeruKira NerysRennan Konya (mirror 1ST)KoorLalGeordi La ForgeAili LavenaL'PengBenjamin MaxwellSunai MoraineLisa NeeleyNumber One (dog)OcasioThadiun OkonaMelora PazlarKirsten PerezKell PerimJean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard (mirror)Jean-Luc Picard (prime timeline)René PicardSariel RagerXin Ra-HavreiiShenti Yisec Eres ReeWilliam T. RikerNatasha Riker-TroiAlexander RozhenkoBenny RussellSaavik (mirror)Dalit SaraiScardasHuilan Sen'karaBenjamin SiskoSlaytonAneta ŠmrhováData SoongGian SortolloSpockSsuraKelly SwailsKellessar zh'TarashTaurikPrynn TenmeiMor glasch TevThirishar ch'ThaneTolarisPatrick TomlinsonTorvig Bu-Kar-Nguvthe TravelerDeanna Troi (mirror) • Tropp (mirror)TuvokChristine ValeVisaggioWorfYongJack Crusher ProphetSisko Prophet
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Marcus AureliusB-4Caretaker (Nacene)T'Ryssa ChenZefram CochraneJack CrusherData (prime timeline)Sarina DouglasDavid Lloyd GeorgeGorkon (mirror)Ozla GranivErika Hernandez • "Ishan Anjar" • Azeni KorenaMiana LavenaMarlena Moreau (mirror)NogMiles O'BrienRené PicardRobert PicardQuarkRenarWilliam Riker (prime timeline)Ro LarenHoshi Sato IIISedínShinzonJake SiskoRebecca Jae SiskoSpock (mirror)Noonien Soongthe TravelerKestra Troi-RikerThad Troi-RikerT'PelKasidy YatesMin Zife

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Galactic CommonwealthKlingon EmpireMemory OmegaRomulan Star Empire

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