Octif I was the first planet in the Octif star system, Trexelian Sector 001. A class M world, Octif I was home to sentient and mobile prehistoric plants. At some point in or before the 23rd century, Octif I became a colony of the Valkar Clan. (ST video game: Trexels)


Octif I was a orange planet with a purple ring. It's surface was dominated by vegetation, including mushroom-shaped trees and green grass. The native prehistoric plants dominated the planet until it was colonized by the Valkar, who established multiple settlements on Octif I. (ST video game: Trexels)


On stardate 7###.8 (circa 2270), the Federation Starfleet starship USS Trexelprise visited Octif I but found the Valkar settlements vanishing. A landing party determined that the prehistoric plants, who considered the Valkar usurpers, transmitted a chroniton-based message that restored the planet to its prehistoric age. The Trexelprise's captain convinced the natives that their goal was not worth the loss of life. The prehistoric plants and the Valkar resolved to coexist peacefully on Octif I and accepted Federation mediation. (ST video game: Trexels)


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