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Odan was a Trill symbiont who was considered to be very old, even by symbiont standards. Odan had at least eight hosts by the mid-21st century. (DS9 short story: "First Steps")


At least three of Odan's hosts in the 24th century have served as Federation ambassadors. At the time, symbionts and their joining with humanoid Trill was still not public knowledge off the Trill homeworld, and the second Ambassador Odan presented himself as the son of the previous host. Odan refused to use a transporter, preferring travel by shuttle. In the 2330s, the earlier Ambassador Odan helped prevent a war between moons of Peliar Zel. In 2367 the conflict between the Peliar Zel moons flared up again, and the later host of Odan again attempted to mediate as an ambassador. An attack on his shuttle killed the host, but the necessity to use a human, William T. Riker, as a temporary host forced the public exposure of the joined nature of the Trill. Unlike joined Trill, rather than a blending of personalities, Riker's consciousness was almost completely suppressed while host to Odan. He was, however, able to preserve the life of the Odan symbiont for a crucial number of hours needed for a new Trill host to arrive and perform the transfer. (TNG episode: "The Host")

Odan's new host was Kareel and she served as host to the Odan symbiont until the year 2376, continuing in the role of ambassador. Shortly before her death, Kareel had obtained information vital to obtaining a cure for a disease fatal to all symbionts, that had been created by the terrorist group led by Verad Kalon. After her discovery of the cure, Kareel Odan's ship, the SS Tynan, was attacked by Kalon's people. The USS Enterprise arrived on the scene in time to save Odan, but Kareel was fatally injured. In order to get the cure to the Trill people, Dr. Beverly Crusher agreed to temporarily host the Odan symbiont. As Kareel, Odan didn't understand the information that he carried, but as Beverly was a doctor, Odan was able to prepare the cure in a short amount of time. After leaving Beverly, Odan went on to a new host, a Trill security officer named Kinjer. (ST comic: "Divided We Fall")


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