"Her name was Oh. Chief of Starfleet Security."
"A Vulcan."
"You know her?"
"'No, but I hear that she's very good at her job.
Agnes Jurati & Jean-Luc Picard, 2399[src]

Nedar, also known as Oh, was a 24th century half-Romulan half-Vulcan woman, an asset and General of the Tal Shiar who had a position in the Federation Starfleet as a commodore and Chief of Starfleet Security in the 2390s decade.


In the year 2399, Oh - a member of the Zhat Vash - directed a covert operation involving Narissa Rizzo and Narek, aimed at obtaining information about the whereabouts of androids similar to Dahj and Soji Asha. According to Rizzo, she had profound reservations.

Oh kept a keepsake box on her desk that had the IDIC symbol displayed on the side. (PIC episode: "Maps and Legends")

She used a mind meld to influence Agnes Jurati's understanding of the Zhat Vash's agenda. (PIC episode: "Nepenthe")

Although Oh presented herself as fully Vulcan, she was actually half-Romulan. (PIC episode: "Broken Pieces")

Oh's true name, Nedar, was never spoken onscreen, but appeared in closed captioning for the episode "Et in Arcadia Ego".

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