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A FASA RPG adventure module set aboard a Merchant Marine Command explorer vessel, the USS Sparon, set near and on the Federation colony world of Daran V, in a storyline spanning mid-2285 into early 2286. This module was packaged with an accompanying FASA sourcebook, The Romulan War.

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Arvam DevartaLincoln U. GalleCaldwell O. GroomElliot Qenks HanRilka HanJoko HarsMark LeFevreA.K. HygroziarTerence LundbarAnna L. MasarykGabriel MatthewsRandolph E. MorrowWoodrow O'CorkhilLila Lundbar RannanMira RomaineTalmadge I. RoxunSoranAdamm StoneSylikDerkon WillzAndrew L. Yewling
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Kenneth A.F. BrightonGarth of IzarTonsum HanKarekhRafe MatthewsLeonard McCoyMontgomery Scott

Starships and vehicles

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Races and cultures

Alpha CentauranDaranianHumanOrionTellariteVulcan
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States and organizations

Daranian World CouncilKlingon EmpireS'Lek VarienStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Science Academy

Ranks and titles

Science and technology

Other references

Battle of AxanarBattle of Omicron AurigaeEarth-Romulan WarFour Years WarOperation Golden PheasantOrganian Peace Treaty