The Omega sphere, designation ZX-527, was a Borg sphere ship of the collective in the 23rd century. When the rogue Vulcan scientist T'Uerell manipulated the Borg for her own use, she was able to stabilize an Omega molecule and used it to power this Borg sphere. It was also powered by three smaller spheres, each giving off a different colored energy field. The red sphere (HL-1358) increased the mothership's weapons damage, the blue sphere (HL-416) regenerated the mothership, and the gold sphere (HL-119) dampened the impulse engines of ships which approached the mothership.

A Starfleet task force led by Admiral James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise managed to destroy the Omega sphere after destroying its three power spheres. However, with the destruction of the Omega sphere, the explosion destroyed subspace in a three light-year distance. Kirk thereafter recommended the establishment of the Omega Directive, ordering the destruction of Omega molecules whenever discovered, and limiting knowledge of the molecule to starship captains and flag officers. The event was later known as the Kettaract Incident. (ST video game: Legacy)


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