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Omicron Testus was a star system located at the frontier of Federation space, somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics[]

This system was less than 24-hours' travel from Ophiucus III in the Ophiucus system. The closest Andorian embassy was Starbase 23, somewhat distant.

The Omicron Testus system's orbit was the location of a number of planets and moons, including fourth planet Omicron Testus IV. Its third moon hosted an Andorian colony. (TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Weeds")

The stellar notation using the Greek language letter "omicron" indicates that there might be a star group or constellation of some sort named "Testus", of which Omicron Testus would logically be indicated to be the 15th most prominent star or system.

System makeup[]

Omicron Testus system primary star



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