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Omicron Theta V was a planet, the fifth planet of the Omicron Theta system, located in or near Federation space in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant. It was the homeworld of the indigenous Chitik and the colonial Tarachi.

History and specifics

As long as two thousand years ago, Tarachi attempted to colonize Omicron Theta V, fighting against the native population. Staunch resistance led to two great interplanetary wars, the last of which left the system in ruins. Nuclear weapons obliterated the surface of Omicron Theta V, leaving it heavily cratered with a thin atmosphere, a sandy surface, massive lakes of molten glass, and scattered plant life such as scrub brush.

Surviving Tarachi and Chitik maintained a slavery-based civilization within a network of underground caverns, remains of a former outpost or bomb shelter. For a time, a network of satellites remained in orbit, but a power generator sabotaged in early days led to the caverns becoming isolated.

By the late 23rd century, the world was considered to be on the edge of explored space, far from established trade routes.

In the 2270s, a Starfleet scout surveyed the planet, reporting that it had an indigenous population advanced to a level of development comparable to the Middle Ages on Earth, with a technological/sociopolitical index at six or eight points. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Wild Card")

In 2277, a landing party from the starship USS Enterprise made first contact. As their civilization was crumbling, with ancient power systems no longer maintainable, the inhabitants voted to allow the crew to transport the entire surviving populations to separate uninhabited but thriving class M planets. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Secret Empire")

Notable residents

  • Aalvik
  • Barik
  • Bedallion the Second
  • Bedallion the Thirty-Eighth
  • Bedallion the Forty-First
  • Belar
  • Fremla
  • Skrukin
  • Thrumwald
  • Veron


  • krut



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