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This article is about the home system of the Chitik and Tarachi civilizations. You may be looking for Data's birthplace of Omicron Theta.

Omicron Theta was an M class red star that once supported a thriving system of planets in Federation space in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics[]

At one time, Omicron Theta was home to the system-spanning Tarachi Empire. The indigenous Tarachi colonized as many as five planets and fought two great wars against the insectoid Chitik. As long as two thousand years ago, their Second Great War left the system in ruins, pulverizing Omicron Theta II, III, and VI into orbital debris belts.

By the 23rd century, five worlds remained within Omicron Theta's orbit. Omicron Theta I had a nearly molten surface. Omicron Theta IV and Omicron Theta V were terrestrial, but had nearly inhospitable, lifeless surfaces. Omicron Theta VII and VIII were gas giants.

In the 2270s, a Starfleet scout surveyed the system. In 2277, the starship USS Enterprise headed to the system after visiting Marris V. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Wild Card")

The USS Enterprise arrived in the system to discover it in shambles, but the crew were able to relocate the surviving sentient lifeforms to new class M planets. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Secret Empire")

None of the planets in this system seem to be Omicron Theta, the world where Data and Lore were constructed.

System makeup[]

Omicron Theta system primary star
  • Omicron Theta I
  • Omicron Theta II (destroyed)
  • Omicron Theta III (destroyed)
  • Omicron Theta IV
  • Omicron Theta V
  • Omicron Theta VI (destroyed)
  • Omicron Theta VII
  • Omicron Theta VIII



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