Omne, also known as Omnedon and Black Omne, was a mysterious alien genius who was strongly opposed to the Federation and what it stood for. He was described as looking Human, but had a gigantic build, with massive muscles, black hair, blue-green blood, and unfathomable black eyes.

Omne developed the Phoenix Process, a method of using transporter technology to create perfect duplicates of people, thus resurrecting them after death. He staged the death of James T. Kirk, created an identical duplicate of the Captain, and threatened to use his technology to cause chaos within the Federation. He committed suicide after fighting Spock, knowing that the Phoenix Process would resurrect him. Omne then boarded the Enterprise, but was shot by Kirk. (TOS novel: The Price of the Phoenix)

Omne reappeared at the Voran Dynasty Hegemony Conference, where he attempted to convince the group to pull out of the Federation. The conference was then attacked by an Omne duplicate in the body of a Spock duplicate. The Omne duplicate in Spock's body was later killed, and Omne was marooned on a planet in another universe, along with James, the duplicate of Kirk. (TOS novel: The Fate of the Phoenix)

The two Phoenix novels implied that Omne may have been of vulcanoid ancestry.

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