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An Omnibus is a collection of previously published related stories in printed in an anthology form. Star Trek prose works and comics have often been published in omnibuses, commonly collecting together miniseries or otherwise thematically related stories together into a single volume.

This page lists omnibuses by publisher in publication order.

Prose omnibuses

Pocket Books


Signature Edition

The Signature Edition series collected two or three thematically related novels into a single paperback volume.

DS9 relaunch

Serial novels

Corps of Engineers compilations

The Corps of Engineers series was original released as individual eBooks, the series was later collected together into paperback collections.

  1. Have Tech, Will Travel, (eBooks 1-4)
  2. Miracle Workers, (eBooks 5-8)
  3. Some Assembly Required, (eBooks 9-12)
  4. No Surrender, (eBooks 13-16)
  5. Foundations, (eBooks 17-19)
  6. Wildfire, (eBooks 20-24)
  7. Breakdowns, (eBooks 25-28)
  8. Aftermath, (eBooks 29-36)
  9. Grand Designs, (eBooks 37-42)
  10. Creative Couplings, (eBooks 43-49)
  11. Wounds, (eBooks 50-56)
  12. Out of the Cocoon, (eBooks 57-60)
  13. What's Past, (eBooks 61-66)

Star Trek Logs

Pocket Books also issued omnibuses of the Star Trek Logs books in 1995, originally published by Ballantine Books. These were different than the Del Rey Books releases two years earlier.

  • Star Trek Logs 1-3
  • Star Trek Logs 4-6
  • Star Trek Logs 7-10

Bantam Books

Bantam Books published three omnibuses in 1991 of the episode novelizations by James Blish originally published by them in the 60s and 70s. The three volumes reordered the novelizations to the episode production order.

  • Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 1 (season 1 stories)
  • Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 2 (season 2 stories)
  • Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 3 (season 3 stories)

Del Rey Books

Del Rey Books published omnibuses of books original published by Ballantine Books. Del Rey released the series twice, collecting volumes of three books in 1993, and two books in 2006.

E.P. Dutton

Science Fiction Book Club

Some Pocket Books works have also been re-released in hardcover omnibuses published by the Science Fiction Book Club:

Random House

Random House published a single collection of 45 episode novelizations by James Blish.


World Distributors Limited

World Distributors Limited produced annuals for the UK market from 1969 until 1986, each annual reprinted two or more Gold Key Comics with additional articles and puzzles.

PBS Limited

Golden Press

Golden Press, an imprint of Western Publishing, the same company that owned the Gold Key Comics line published four omnibuses of the Gold Key Comics, some containing new mini-comics.

Dynabrite Comic

Dynabrite Comics was another imprint of Western Publishing, two Dynabrite Comics reprinted issues of the Gold Key Comics line.

Marvel Comics

DC Comics


Boxtree published omnibuses for the UK market containing issues of Malibu Comics DS9 series.

WildStorm Comics

Checker Book Publishing Group

The Checker Book Publishing Group have published several collections of Gold Key Comics, the early volumes are essentially the same as the earlier Golden Press releases, but the series has continued on to re-release more issues from the series.

Titan Books

Titan Books published omnibuses of many of DC Comics TOS and TNG series. These books were initially released for the UK market, but were later also made available in the US.

IDW Publishing

IDW publish an omnibus of each of the miniseries they produce. They have also printed omnibuses of Star Trek comics previously published by Gold Key, Marvel, DC and Malibu in two series, the Star Trek Archives which collects 4-6 issues, and the larger Star Trek Omnibus which collects entire series comics in a single volume.

IDW miniseries

Gold Key Archives

Star Trek Archives

  1. Best of Peter David (various DC TOS first and second series)
  2. Best of the Borg (DC TNG #47-50 & Marvel TNG one-shot)
  3. Best of Gary Seven (DC TOS second series #49-50 & DC TOS & TNG annuals)
  4. Best of DS9 (Malibu DS9 #1-5)
  5. Best of Captain Kirk (DC TOS second series #10-12)
  6. Best of Alternate Universes (DC TOS first series #9-16)
  7. Best of Klingons (DC TOS first series #1-4 & 31-32)

Star Trek Omnibus

  1. First Marvel Series (Marvel TOS #4-18)
  2. Early Voyages (Marvel EV #1-17)
  3. Movie Omnibus (Marvel TOS #1-3, IDW miniseries & DC TOS first & second series one-shots)

Graphic Imaging Technologies

  • The Complete Comic Book Collection (DVD-rom of Gold Key, Peter Pan Records, Marvel, DC, Malibu & Wildstorm, all issues, all series)



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