The Omtil class was a class of Andorian attack ship in use during the mid-23rd century. Designed to look like an Andorian freighter, it would surprise attackers with its numerous concealed weapons. It was first commissioned in 2251.



It had an average crew complement of 78, and was capable of carrying only 30 passengers with an emergency 1500 capacity. It has 2 personnel transporters and 1 cargo transporter. It is equipped with one forward tractor beam.

It has a cruising speed of warp 4, but is capable of warp 8 for 6 hours, and a .5c/.75c impulse system. Its long range sensors have a range of 14 light-years, and its lateral sensors 1.

It carries a complement of 60 photon torpedos, and can fire a spread of 4 at once. Its defensive shields are supplied by the Andorian Defense Force. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

Known ShipsEdit

Information on the number and location of Omtil-class ships is kept classified by the Andorian Defense Force.


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