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Be transported to the final frontier with a breathtaking 3D tourOn Board the USS Enterprise was an in-universe hardcover TNG reference work written by Denise Okuda and Michael Okuda in 2013. It included fold-out exterior drawings of the USS Enterprise-D as well as an interactive CD-ROM.


Dust jacket
Famed for its original storylines, endearing and complex characters as well as the sheer enjoyment of watching, Star Trek is a serious hobby for some, a part-time job for others, and a rich source of fun for all. On Board the USS Enterprise is your golden ticket for a once-in-a-lifetime personal tour of the fabled corridors of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.
In the pages of this book, you'll find a vivid account of the Enterprise's history, notes on her most memorable voyages, her propulsion and tactical abilities, plus spectacular fold-out pages, showcasing the starship from all angles.
Adding to the excitement of this one-of-a-kind Star Trek experience is the accompanying CD-ROM that will take you on a virtual 3D tour of the ship. Wander around the engineering room, check out the sickbay, crew quarters and other famous locations, all of which have been painstakingly digitally recreated with the delivery of a master historian and rendered in 3D with fine attention to detail to get you as close as possible to the real thing.


  • Introduction
  • Starfleet: History of the Enterprise
  • To Boldly Go: Memorable Voyages of Discovery
  • USS Enterprise Exterior Dorsal
  • USS Enterprise Exterior Ventral
  • Main Bridge: Command and Control/The Nerve Center
  • Propulsion, Main Engineering: The Power to Go Boldly
  • Tactical Systems: Influence and Control
  • Transporter Room: Getting From Here to There
  • Shuttlecraft & Shuttlebays: Versatile Short-Range Transport
  • Sickbay: Healing and Helping the Crew
  • Science Laboratories: Discovering the Facts
  • Living Quarters: A Touch of Home
  • Ten Forward: Off-Duty View of the Cosmos
  • Holodeck: Virtual Reality Recreation & Training
  • Cargo Bay: Delivering the Goods
  • Ship's Services: Corridors, Turbolifts, and More
  • Into the Next Generation



Wesley CrusherBeverly CrusherDataAlbert EinsteinGeordi La ForgeGuinanFred HaiseStephen HawkingKeiko IshikawaWorf, son of MoghIsaac NewtonMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerDeanna Troi
Referenced only
Jonathan ArcherBeta Renner cloudZefram CochraneBeverly CrusherArthur Conan DoyleRachel GarrettJ.P. HansonDixon HillSherlock HolmesFelisa HowardKahless the UnforgettableJames T. KirkOrfil QuinterosSergey RozhenkoNorah SatieWilliam ShakespeareNoonien SoongPaul StubbsTravelerLwaxana TroiIan Andrew TroiDonald Varley

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) (Galaxy-class explorer) • El-Baztype 6 shuttlecrafttype 7 shuttlecrafttype-15 shuttlepod
Referenced only
Apollo 13Borg cubeD'deridex-class Romulan warbirdD'Kora-class Ferengi marauderEnterprise (sloop-of-war)USS Enterprise (CV-6) (aircraft carrier) • Enterprise (OV-101) (space shuttle) • USS Enterprise (XCV-330) (starliner) • Enterprise (NX-01)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)USS Yamato (Galaxy-class explorer) • shuttlecraftcaptain's yacht


61 Ursae MajorisAndromeda GalaxyArcher IVArvada IIIBeta RennerDeneb IVEarth (AlaskaAlpsCafé des ArtistesEiffel TowerEuropeFranceLaBarreMcKinley StationParisSan Francisco) • Farpoint StationFerenginarGalaxy M33Gamma Tauri IVIconiaKhitomerLuna (Copernicus City) • MarsMilky Way GalaxyMintaka IIINarendra IIIQo'nos (First CityGreat HallKri'stak volcanoLake of Lursa) • Romulan Neutral ZoneRousseau asteroid beltRousseau VSector 001Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Races and cultures

androidBandiBetazoidBorgEl-AurianFerengiHuman (IrishJapanese) • IconianKlingonRomulanVulcan

States and organizations

Borg CollectiveFederationKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet MedicalT'Kon Empire

Science and classification

antigrav generatorantigrav palletartificial gravityartificial intelligencebat'lethbiobedbiofilterbiologyclass Mcloaking devicecommbadgecommunicatordeflectordilithiumdilithium crystalengineeringforce fieldforcebeam traction therapyfusion reactorgamma radiationgeologyHeisenberg compensatorholodeckIconian gatewayimpulseinertial damperisolation fieldisolinear optical chiplaboratoryLCARSlife supportlong-range sensormain computermain viewermedical tricorderMinshara classmissilemooring beamnuclear fusionphase discriminatorphaserphoton torpedoquantum mechanicsreplicatorsciencesecuritysensorsensor arraysextantsickbaystructural integrity fieldsubspace bubbleswordtelescopethrustertractor beamtranspondertransportertransporter beamtransporter enhancer rodtricordertype-1 phasertype-2 phasertype-3 phaservirus containment moduleVISORwarp drivewarp powerwarp speedweapon

Materials and substances

alcoholAldeberan whiskeyantideuteriumdeuteriumduraniumhydrogenlavaneutrinooxygenplasmarocksyntheholverterium cortenide

Starship sections

antimatter injectorantimatter podbattle bridgebattle sectionbridgeBussard collectorcargo baycargo transporterconference roomconncorridordeflector arraydeflector dishdilithium articulation framedocking portengineeringengineering hullescape podformation lightfusion reactorhelmhullimpulse engineintensive care unitJefferies tubelong range sensor arraymain deflectormaster situation monitormaster systems displaymatter/antimatter reactormatter injectormatter/antimatter reaction assemblymedical departmentnacelle pylonnavigationobservation loungeopsphaser bankphoton torpedo launcherpower transfer conduitprimary hullquartersreaction control thrusterready roomshuttlebaystardrive sectionsubspace antennatactical stationten-forwardtractor beam emittertransporter beam emitterturboliftumbilicalwarp corewarp core ejection hatchwarp coilwarp nacellewarp pylon

Ranks and titles

admiralastronautcadetcaptainchief engineering officerchief medical officerciviliancolonistcommandercommanding officerconn officercounselorcyberneticistDaiMondetectivediplomatdoctorensignflight controllerhostesslieutenant commanderofficeroperations managerpilotpoetPresident of the United Federation of Planetsrear admiralscientisttactical officer

Other references

18th century19th century20th centuryAge of AscensionAikidoalert status (red alertyellow alert) • Algolian ceremonial musicassimilationaway teamblack holebookcaptain's chaircenturycivilizationclass McolonycommunicationsThe Complete Works of William Shakespeareatmosphereatomcosmoscroissants d'ilithiumdedication plaquedemondiplomacydrydockelectromagnetic fieldemotionextinctionfirst contactfishflagshipgalaxygravityHawking radiationherbKhitomer Massacrelifeformliteraturelog entrymagnetic fieldMareuvian teamedical schoolmeteoroidmicrogravitymusicmythorbitplanetpokerprune juicequantum singularityred giantrootskiingsloopsolar systemspacestarstarbasestunsubspacesurgeryThalian chocolate moussetromboneuniverseviolinviruswarp factorwarp nineXindi warzero gravity



May 1775
A British naval ship is captured by American colonists and renamed Enterprise.
25 November 1961
The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is commissioned.
17 September 1976
NASA completes construction of the Enterprise space shuttle.
Zefram Cochrane proves warp theory.
Qo'nos first visited by Humanity.
Khitomer Massacre.
4 October 2363
USS Enterprise-D is commissioned.
23 February 2364
Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the USS Enterprise-D.
Starfleet makes first contact with the Ferengi near Gamma Tauri IV.
USS Enterprise-D first encounters the Borg.


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