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Once Upon a Planet

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| title = Once Upon a Planet
title=Once Upon a Planet|
| image = once Upon a Planet.jpg
| series = {{sT|The Animated Series}}
series=[[Star Trek: The Animated Series|The Animated Series]]|
| date = [[2269]]
date=[[2269]] <br> [[Stardate|Stardate 5392.4]]|
| stardate = 5392.4
| episode = 1x09
| production = 22017
airdate=[[1973|3 November 1973]]|
| airdate = {{srcdate|1973|November|3}}
written=Len Janson and Chuck Menville|
| written = {{ma|Len Janson}} and {{ma|Chuck Menville}}
director=Hal Sutherland|
| director = {{ma|Hal Sutherland}}
| novelization = [[Log Three]] by [[Alan Dean Foster]]
'''"Once Upon a Planet"''' was the ninth [[episode]] of ''[[Star Trek: The Animated Series]]''. It was produced in [[tAS season 1|''TAS'' season 1]] and debuted on {{srcdate|1973|November|3}}. The episode was directed by {{ma|Hal Sutherland}} and written by {{ma|Len Janson}} and {{ma|Chuck Menville}}. It was the seventh episode to be novelized by [[Alan Dean Foster]], appearing in ''[[Log Three|Star Trek: Log Three]]'' in [[December]] [[1974]].
In this sequel to {{e|TOS|Shore Leave}}, the [[beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]]'s sentient {{dis|Master Computer|Shore Leave Planet}} sought a new mission.
:''The crew of the USS ''Enterprise'' returns to a fantasy land planet they once visited for [[shore leave]]. But this time the world seems to have lost its charm. This episode is a sequel to the original ''[[Star Trek]]'' television episode "[[Shore Leave]]".''
==Log entries==
===Episode log entries===
[[Captain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), 2269|Captain's log]], [[stardate]] 5591.2. The crew of the ''[[USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)|Enterprise]]'' is ready for some well-deserved rest and recreation. Therefore we have set course for the so-called "[[Beta Omicron Delta III|Shore Leave Planet]]" located in the [[Omicron Delta region]]. The uninhabited planet was constructed long ago by a highly advanced [[alien]] race. Its sole purpose is to provide fun and amusement for space traveling passers-by.
Captain's log, supplemental. We anticipated nothing more than a period of rest and relaxation on this planet. Instead, [[Doctor]] [[Leonard McCoy|McCoy]] inexplicably was attacked and [[Lieutenant]] [[Nyota Uhura|Uhura]] is now missing.
Captain's log, supplemental. We're out of communication with the ship. Our efforts to locate Lieutenant Uhura have been futile, and this once friendly [[planet]] has become very dangerous.
===Novelization log entries===
Captain's log, stardate 5510.1. The crew of the ''Enterprise'' is ready for some well-deserved rest and recreation. And the sooner the better. Mr. [[Spock]] informs me that normal ship efficiency is down twenty-two percent from the standard level — due in part to anticipation of Omicron planetfall.
Having secured the situation on [[Phylos]] and submitted the information concerning the mutant [[clone]] [[Stavos Keniclius 5|Stavos Keniclius V]] and mutant [[Spock 2|Spock Two]] – clone of our [[first officer]] – to [[Starfleet]] [[sector]] headquarters, I requested that the crew be granted something special in the way of shore leave. Said request to visit the Omicron region was duly submitted and approved.
Course was set and traced without incident. We are now approaching the so-called 'shore-leave' world. Those studying this [[log]] may recall that this particular planet was programmed long ago by some unknown but highly advanced alien race. The extremely complex machinery installed there is designed solely to provide fun and amusement for interstellar passersby. Its extensive [[telepathy|mind-reading]] devices and attendant manufacturing machinery are capable of materializing any fantasy they can pick up. I confess to looking forward to our return to this planet myself.
Captain's log, supplemental. We are out of [[communications]] with the ship. In addition, all our efforts so far to locate Lieutenant Uhura have been ... insufficient. This once friendly world, for reasons still known, has turned implacably hostile toward visitors. We would all like to know what has turned its former ambience to anger ... more than anger. But for the moment, our thoughts are concerned foremost with the well-being of our first [[communications officer]].
====Episode characters====
:{{dis|Alice|character}} • [[Arex Na Eth]] • [[Frank Gabler]] • [[James T. Kirk]] • [[Shiboline M'Ress]] • [[Master Computer (Shore Leave Planet)|Master Computer]] • [[Leonard McCoy]] • [[The Playing Cards]] • [[Queen of Hearts]] • [[Montgomery Scott]] • [[Spock]] • [[Hikaru Sulu]] • [[Nyota Uhura]] • [[White Rabbit]] • [[unnamed USS Enterprise personnel (2260s)|unnamed USS ''Enterprise'' personnel (2260s)]] ([[helmsman]])
{{ref}} [[Black Knight]] • [[Lewis Carroll]] • [[Amanda Grayson]] • [[Caretaker (Shore Leave Planet)|Keeper]]
====Novelization characters====
:{{dis|Alice|character}} • [[Arex Na Eth]] • [[Bobynin]] • [[Deb Colotti]] • [[Davis (Crewman)|Davis (lieutenant)]] • [[Davis (engineer)]] • {{dis|Duchamps|engineer}} • [[Frank Gabler]] • [[Ub Jackson]] • [[James T. Kirk]] • [[Lily Lancer]] • {{dis|Ling|USS Enterprise}} • [[Longey]] • [[Shiboline M'Ress]] • [[Master Computer (Shore Leave Planet)|Master Computer]] • [[Leonard McCoy]] • [[Henry Ndugu]] • [[The Playing Cards]] • [[Queen of Hearts]] • [[Montgomery Scott]] • [[Spock]] • [[Hikaru Sulu]] • [[Nyota Uhura]] • [[White Rabbit]] • [[unnamed USS Enterprise personnel (2260s)|unnamed USS ''Enterprise'' personnel (2260s)]] ([[helmsman]])
{{ref}} [[Aranius]] • [[Bierstadt]] • [[Julius Caesar]] • [[Lewis Carroll]] • [[Sergei Eisenstein]] • [[Flavius]] • [[Amanda Grayson]] • [[D.W. Griffith]] • [[Hachida]] • {{dis|Hansen|character}} • [[Caretaker (Shore Leave Planet)|Keeper]] • [[Stavos Keniclius 5]] • [[John Kyle]] • [[Benjamin Lee]] • [[Eric Masefield]] • [[McTavish]] • [[N'gombi]] • [[Maxfield Parrish]] • [[Spock 2]] • [[Erich von Stroheim]] • [[Mark Twain]] • [[Ventrigorix]]
===Starships and vehicles===
====Episode starships and vehicles====
:{{uSS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} ({{class|Constitution}}) • [[NCC-1701/3 (II)|Shuttlecraft NCC-1701/3]] ([[armored lander]]) • [[NCC-1701/4 (II)|Shuttlecraft NCC-1701/4]] ([[armored lander]]) • [[NCC-1701/9|Shuttlecraft NCC-1701/9]] ([[class F shuttlecraft]]) • [[unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) shuttlecraft]]
====Novelization starships and vehicles====
:{{uSS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} ({{class|Constitution}}) • {{ship||Galileo|NCC-1701/1| (NCC-1701/1)}} ([[class F shuttlecraft]])
{{ref}} {{pre||Cairo|steamboat}} • [[unnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) shuttlecraft]]
====Episode locations====
:[[Omicron Delta region]] ([[Beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]])
===States and Organisations===
==== Novelization locations====
:[[Omicron Delta region|Omicron region]] ([[Beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]])
{{ref}} [[Vellun Gamma|Arcadian system]] • [[Earth]] ([[Paducah]], [[Kentucky]] • [[Rome]]) • [[Garden of Eden]] • [[Phylos]] • [[Tsiolkovsky]] • {{planet|Vulcan}}
===Races and cultures===
:[[Caitian]] • [[Human]] ([[Belgian]] • [[British]] • [[Greek]] • [[Japanese]] • [[Roman]] • [[Swedish]]) • [[Edosian]] or [[Triexian]] • [[Vulcan]]
===States and organizations===
:[[Federation]] • [[Roman Empire]] • [[Roman Legion]] ([[Twelfth legion]] • [[Twentieth legion]] • [[Twenty-second legion]]) • [[Roman Republic]] • [[Starfleet]]
===Science and technology===
:[[artificial gravity]] • [[inertial dampener|artificial gravity compensator]] • [[assignment patch]] • {{dis|catapult|weapon}} • [[chronometer]] • [[communications]] • [[communicator]] • [[computer]] • [[corpelomine]] • [[navigation computer|guidance computer]] • [[gun]] • [[type-1 phaser|hand phaser]] • [[intercom]] • [[lance]] • [[robot hovercraft]] • [[medicine]] • [[medikit]] • [[melenex]] • [[microtape]] • [[phaser bore]] • [[robot]] • [[sensor]] • [[Starfleet uniform]] • [[Starfleet uniform (2265-2270)]] • [[stasis chamber]] • [[sword]] • [[transporter]] • [[tricorder]] • [[two-headed robot dragon]] • [[uniform]] • [[vaccine]] • [[viewscreen]]
====Units of measurement====
:[[centimeter]] • [[day]] • [[kilometer]] • [[meter]] • [[minute]] • [[second]] • [[warp speed]] ([[warp six]])
===Ranks and titles===
:[[Agronomist|agronomer]] • [[captain]] • [[centurion]] • [[chief]] • [[chief engineer]] • [[chief medical officer|chief physician]] • [[diplomat]] • [[doctor]] • [[engineer]] • [[Federation Starfleet ranks (2260s)]] • [[first officer]] • [[chief medical officer|head medical officer]] • [[helmsman]] • [[lieutenant]] • [[officer]] • [[patrician]] • [[pilot]] • {{dis|poet|profession}} • [[rank]] • [[science officer]] • [[assistant chief engineer|second engineer]] • [[senator]] • [[slave]] • [[Starfleet ranks]] • [[engineer|subengineer]] • [[transporter chief]] • [[author|writer]] • [[yeoman]]
:''[[Alice in Wonderland]]'' • ''[[Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There|Alice Through the Looking-Glass]]'' • ''[[Daisy Bell]]'' • ''[[Mary Had a Little Lamb]]'' • [[Starfleet General Orders and Regulations|Starfleet Directives]]
:[[ant]] • [[birch tree]] • [[carrot]] • [[cat]] • [[cypress tree]] • [[elephant]] • [[fish]] • [[flower]] • [[grass]] • [[honeysuckle]] • [[horse]] • [[ivy ]] • [[magnolia tree]] • [[oak tree]] • [[oriole]] • [[pterodactyl]] • [[reptile]] • [[retlaw plant]] • [[Spanish moss]] • [[tree]] • [[wisteria]]
===Other references===
:[[apple]] • [[banana]] • [[banjo]] • [[barbarian]] • [[beam]] • [[Boolean brandy]] • [[botany]] • [[bridge]] • [[captain's log]] • [[captain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), 2269]] • [[cave]] • [[chocolate]] • [[chocolate cake]] • [[chocolate raisin pie]] • [[duty shift]] • [[eight-ball]] • [[engineering]] • [[fantasy]] • [[fire]] • [[forest]] • [[fried chicken]] • [[galaxy]] • [[kitchen|galley]] • [[granite]] • [[gravestone]] • [[gravity]] • [[haggis]] • [[helmet]] • [[IQ]] • [[iron]] • [[knight]] • [[landing party]] • [[logic]] • [[marshmallow]] • [[mountain]] • [[neuron]] • [[orbit]] • [[ore]] • [[painting]] • [[paleontology]] • [[foie gras|paté de foie gras]] • [[picnic]] • [[pie]] • [[plant]] • [[playing card]] • [[poem]] • [[pool table]] • [[rainforest]] • [[raisin]] • [[landing party|rescue party]] • [[river]] • [[sandwich]] • [[shore leave]] • [[landing party|shore party]] • [[shuttle bay]] • [[slavery]] • [[rock|stone]] • [[telepathy]] • [[track-and-field]] • [[transporter room]] • [[universe]] • [[valley]] • [[water]] • [[zero gravity]]
; [[2267]] : {{uSS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} visited the [[Beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]].
; Between [[2267]] and [[2269]] : [[Caretaker (Shore Leave Planet)|Keeper]] died and was buried.
; [[2269]] : {{uSS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} returned for its second visit to the Amusement Park Planet.
* [[Spock]] read [[Lewis Carroll]]'s ''[[Alice in Wonderland]]'' stories, and mentioned that his mother [[Amanda Grayson]] was fond of them. In {{e|DSC|Context is for Kings}}, [[Michael Burnham]] showed [[Sylvia Tilly]] the print edition of ''[[Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]]'' that Amanda once read to her and Spock.
* Four [[shuttlecraft]] were visible in the [[shuttle bay]] in this episode, three in the novelization. These vehicles were seen along with others when [[Harry Mudd]] sneaked into the [[hangar deck]] in {{en|TAS|sub=Log Three|Mudd's Passion}}. The one Mudd stole, identified as an [[armored lander]] by Arex in that novelization, was of the same configuration as two of the shuttles seen in this story: [[NCC-1701/3 (II)|Shuttlecraft NCC-1701/3]] and [[NCC-1701/4 (II)|Shuttlecraft NCC-1701/4]]. [[Class F shuttlecraft]] with these registries saw action earlier in the [[2260s]] in the [[UK comic strips]] series.
* [[Arex Na Eth]] was in command of the ''Enterprise'' while [[Montgomery Scott]] was in the [[transporter room]].
* The [[phaser bore]] appeared large with grips for each hand. It was tripod-mounted in the novelization.
* Spock reminded McCoy that, when he was mortally wounded during their first visit to the planet, his body was retrieved and brought underground. McCoy could not recall much from the experience.
* The novelization took place immediately after {{en|TAS|sub=Log Two|The Infinite Vulcan}}, with Kirk citing in his log everything that happened after that story.
* There were two characters named Davis: [[Davis (Crewman)|Davis (lieutenant)]], a woman who supervised the [[kitchen|galley]] menu; and [[Davis (engineer)]], a man who helped set up the phaser bore.
* The episode's [[stardate]] 5591.2 was amended to 5510.1.
* Ten [[day]]s were spent on [[shore leave]] during their visit.
* Kirk indulged in a fantasy to direct a [[movie]], joined by simulations of classic [[film]] [[director]]s [[Sergei Eisenstein]], [[D.W. Griffith]], and [[Erich von Stroheim]].
* When [[Hikaru Sulu]] wished to see revealed the insides of one of the planet's animatronic [[robot]]s, the planet ignored that particular request.
* The planet recreated a [[retlaw plant]] for Sulu, who savored the memory.
* As the rescue party was being organized, Scott referenced repairs made to the [[shuttle bay]] doors from a recent mission. The damage came from forcing the doors closed to prevent saboteur [[Carter Winston (Vendorian)]] from escaping the ship in {{n1|TAS|sub=Log Two|The Survivor}}.
* {{ship||Galileo|NCC-1701/1| (NCC-1701/1)}}, referenced here as "shuttle number 1", also appeared three times in the [[UK comic strips]] series, most prominently in {{c|TOS|I, Emperor}}.
* M'ress had not previously visited the [[Beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]].
* Gabler's title and first name were cited. They were first mentioned in {{n1|TAS|sub=Log Two|The Survivor}}.
* The novelization included two engineers who helped Scott set up the [[phaser bore]] as well as rescue crewmen aboard the [[shuttlecraft]].
===Related stories===
==Related Stories==
* {{e|TOS|Shore Leave}} – Introduction of the [[Beta Omicron Delta III|Amusement Park Planet]], the [[Caretaker (Shore Leave Planet)|Keeper]] and the characters {{dis|Alice|character}} and the [[White Rabbit]].
* {{en|TAS|sub=Log Two|The Infinite Vulcan}} – Introduction of [[Phylos]], [[Stavos Keniclius 5]] and [[Spock 2]] as cited in the [[log]], as well as the [[retlaw plant]] reimagined by [[Hikaru Sulu]].
* {{en|TAS|sub=Log Two|The Survivor}} – Events that brought about prior damage to the shuttle bay doors.
once Upon a Planet.jpg|[[Master Computer (Shore Leave Planet)|Master Computer]] with [[mechanical nursemaid]]s.
pterosaurs.jpg |[[Pterodactyl]]s.
NCC-1701-9.jpg|[[Shuttlecraft]] [[NCC-1701/9]].
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* {{memoryalpha}}
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===External links===
* {{mAep}}
* [ Once Upon a Planet] article by [[Keith R.A. DeCandido]] at [].
* [ Once Upon a Planet] discussion at [ Mission Log Podcast].
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