One, Borg drone

One, fully grown.

One, Borg fetal drone

One, being incubated.

One was an advanced Borg drone created inthe year 2375 by an interaction between The Doctor's 29th century mobile hologram emitter and Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes.


Cared for by the crew and especially Seven of Nine, he grew to sympathize with USS Voyager's crew and helped them survive a Borg attack. Unfortunately, since One reasoned that the Borg would never stop looking for him (thus endangering Voyager and crew) as long as he existed, he took his own life soon after, by preventing The Doctor from treating his wounds. (VOY episode: "Drone"; CCG set: The Borg, card: "One")

Some of One's components were later used to create the multi-spatial probe that Voyager would use for the next year, until it was lost in a subspace rift (VOY - Distant Shores short story: "Brief Candle")

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