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"One Giant Leap" was a short story in the Gateways omnibus What Lay Beyond, a TOS story serving as sequel to the TOS - Gateways novel: One Small Step.


James T. Kirk arrives on the Petraw homeworld after following Luz and Tasm through the Kalandan transporter gateway. After intervening in their struggle over the device, he is captured and placed in a holding cell, but frees himself by hacking a hole in the polymer-like material. Hiding in an empty living cell, he discovers the Petraw information feed and absorbs reports that Tasm is being honored with command of the science initiative to reverse-engineer the Kalandan device, while Luz is sentenced to be put out of the Petraw hive structure, a death sentence. He frees Luz and, with her help, reactivates the portal to Earth and sabotages the device.



James T. KirkLuzTasmunnamed Petraw
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Petraw scout shipPetraw shuttle


Petraw homeworld (the galaxy's Beta Quadrant)

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