Ezri must evacuate a medical facility before hostile Andorians destroy it.

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Audrid DaxCurzon DaxEmony DaxEzri DaxJadzia DaxJoran DaxLela DaxTobin DaxTorias DaxSenokZenth


Andorian Neutral Zone
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AndoriaDeep Space 9

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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Trill CouncilTrill Symbiosis Commission

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Andorian conflictasteroidgold-pressed latinumphase coil inverterphaser riflewheelchair

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Star Trek: Waypoint Comics
#1 ("Puzzles" & "Daylily") • #2 ("The Menace of the Mechanitrons" & "Legacy") • #3 ("Mother's Walk" & "The Wildman Maneuver) • #4 ("The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty" & "Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror") • #5 ("Frontier Doctor" & "Come Away, Child") • #6 ("The Rebound Effect" & "The Fear") • Special ("Only You Can Save Yourself" & "Consider Eternity" & "My Human is Not" & "Histories") • Special 2019 ("Hearts & Bones" & "Unfathom" & "The Swift Spoke" & "The First Year")

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