Operation: Armageddon was a scenario originally devised in the late 2270s to simulate full-scale war begun by the United Federation of Planets against the Klingon Empire. Later, this scenario was altered to include the Romulan Star Empire as an additional factor (the Gorn Hegemony was briefly considered for inclusion). The simulation included economic, political, and sociological consequences, in addition to the military parameters.

This project was begun in 2277 by Admiral James T. Kirk when he charged Commander L.K. Lubbitz of Training Simulation Design Group A13 to design the scenario. The simulation was to become the primary combat exercise of the Starfleet Command Staff College. Operation: Armageddon’s very existence was classified by Starfleet until 2285 when the aftermath of Operation: Dixie caused a major personnel re-organization within Starfleet.

With Admiral Kirk re-assigned to Starfleet Education and Training Command, support for the simulation waned tremendously and estimated completion pushed back to 2287.

Several member worlds near the Klingon Neutral Zone supported the scenario’s creation. Because the scenario hinged on the Federation beginning the war, a majority of member worlds believed creating such a scenario violated the very principles of the Federation’s founding. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update.)

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