Starfleet Intelligence

Emblem of Starfleet Intelligence.

Operation Dixie was the codename of a Starfleet Intelligence deep-space survey mission into Klingon Imperial space. This intelligence gathering mission was to be the primary source of the Federation Starfleet's knowledge of Klingon fleet strength for most of the late 23rd century. (FASA RPG modules: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual, The Four Years War, The Dixie Gambit)

The Klingon Sector Group of Starfleet Intelligence began making preparations for the mission in 2274 and launched ahead of schedule in 2276 due to a rivalry with the Romulan Sector Group and their similar mission, Operation: Gray Ghost.

Analysis of the operation in 2281 led to the conclusion that the Klingon Empire was indeed preparing for war and that the Federation could no longer rely on the Organian Peace Treaty.

Operation: Dixie was inexplicably declared a disaster by Starfleet Command in 2285, which led to a shake-up in the admiralty. Admiral Heihachiro Nogura was replaced by Admiral Harrison Morrow and Admiral James T. Kirk was re-assigned to Starfleet Education and Training Command. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

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