An optolythic data rod is a device used to store information.

In 2374, Elim Garak obtained a Cardassian optolythic data rod that Grathon Tolar transferred a forged recording of Weyoun and Damar discussing the invasion of Romulus onto. Senator Vreenak would later take possession of the data rod and discovered the information on it had been faked. After Vreenak's shuttle was later destroyed, the Tal Shiar analysed the optolythic data rod and concluded the information was genuine. (DS9 episode: "In the Pale Moonlight", DS9 novel: Hollow Men)

In 2382, Starfleet Intelligence provided Julian Bashir with a Starfleet optolythic data rod that was designed to interface with Breen computers on Salavat and to erase all information relating to the stolen quantum slipstream drive. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Zero Sum Game)

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