Orav Penap was a Xarantine male alive in the mid 22nd century.

Penap was employed by the Orion Syndicate, working with Orion women to find and help them gain access to highly ranked government officials to further the syndicate's goals. In 2163 Penap was on Earth where he introduced Devna to Min glasch Noar. What Penap did not disclose to Noar was that Devna had much more powerful pheromones than most Orion women. Under the guise of an erotic masseuse Devna was able to use her pheromones on Noar to get the Tellarite defense commissioner to favor a much more aggressive stance during the "Mute" crisis.

Seeing drastic personality changes in Noar, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Section 31 agent Charles Tucker III waylaid Penap on his way home. Archer and Tucker proceeded to interrogate Penap, who revealed that Devna had powerful pheromones and was using that to manipulate Noar.

Following the interrogation Tucker went to confront Devna before she returned to the Orion Syndicate. Penap meanwhile was taken in to protective custody by the Federation, and was taking to an undisclosed location safe from syndicate reprisals. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

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