The Orb of Peace was a originally a Bajoran transport that was built to transport various clerics to various locations in Bajoran space.

By 2372, the Orb of Peace had been decommissioned from the Bajoran fleet and had fallen into disrepair upon entering the hands of the black market. At this time, the Orb was purchased by the Maquis and refitted to serve as a troop transport with a complement of 20 crew and up to 80 troops. Maquis engineers also upgraded the warp drive to achieve a maximum of warp factor 3, and included an armament of six photon torpedoes.

In late 2373, the Orb of Peace was one of the vessels used to evacuate the Maquis colony on Galion. Placed under the command of Ro Laren, the Orb was to transport eighty passengers (including many of the higher-ranking Maquis) out of the Demilitarized Zone and head for Bajor. However, after detecting a large Dominion fleet heading for Galion, Captain Ro decided to defy her orders and turned the Orb about and return to Galion. Two hours later, the Orb made orbit and found that the planet had been bombarded, leveling the Maquis colonies and leaving the planet lifeless. After conferring with the crew, Ro decided to abandon the mission to Bajor and instead set the Orb on course for Federation space.

Shortly after crossing the Federation-Cardassian border, the Orb came to the aid of the Federation starship USS Aurora which was undergoing a significant beating by a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser. Despite attempts to draw the cruiser's fire, the Dominion ship continued to pound the Aurora. Horrendously outmatched, Ro dispatched a distress call which was received by the USS Enterprise-E commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Ro's former CO. The Enterprise was able to quickly overcome the cruiser and destroy it, but the Aurora was lost.

After suffering significant damage to the life support and artificial gravity systems, ninety-five survivors from the Orb were beamed aboard the Enterprise for medical treatment. The Orb herself was taken in tow by the Enterprise as she altered course for the Kreel system. (TNG - The Dominion War novel: Behind Enemy Lines)

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