An orb shadow is a hallucination or vision that people experience after using the Orbs of the Prophets. In Bajoran tradition, orb shadows occur if a person ignores what the Prophets told them during their orb experience.

In 2372, Benjamin Sisko had several orb shadows in which Opaka Sulan told him he was the true Emissary of the Prophets after he stood down in favor of Akorem Laan. (DS9 episode: "Accession")

At the same time, in the Gamma Quadrant, Opaka had been dreaming that she had spoken to Sisko in his orb shadow, indicating the two had a psychic connection due to their encounters with Orbs. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)

In 2376, after the destruction of Sidau, Sisko began experiencing visions like orb shadows, although they related to the future. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

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