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In an alternate timeline, Wesley Crusher is married and living on Dorvan V as the Federation attempts to evacuate the planet and relocate the population (TNG episode: "Journey's End"). Wesley has made different choices in his life and decided not to join Starfleet, is estranged from his mother and lived a bitter life as a wandering musician. Resisting the arrival of the Enterprise (under the command of Edward Jellico), Wesley and the inhabitants refuse to leave. He reminisces over his life choices with his wife and remembers the times he met The Traveler. Lakanta, one of the planet's inhabitants, reveals himself to be The Traveler and tells Wesley that he can go back and make different choices to prepare himself for the life he is truly destined for.



These are all versions of characters from an alternate timeline
Wesley CrusherAnthwaraBeverly CrusherEdward JellicoGeordi La ForgeHectuJean-Luc PicardLakantaMika (Dorvan IV)OtakaySintaThe Traveler
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DataGul LemecOkonaTasha Yar

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D
Referenced only


Dorvan VEarthKappa (planet)San Francisco
Referenced only
Farpoint StationLambda PazKavis Alpha IVLya Station AlphaRakonRisaTau Alpha C

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Other references


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  • "Journey's End" (TNG episode) - this story takes place concurrent to this episode, albeit in an alternate timeline.
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