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Oriana D'Amato was a 23rd century Human female who served Starfleet as a junior lieutenant assigned as helm officer aboard the Federation starship USS Bombay under the command of Captain Hallie Gannon.


She was married to Robert D'Amato, who served as a geologist on the USS Enterprise. During the Bombay's post at Vanguard station, Oriana developed an affair with Tim Pennington, an ambitious FNS journalist. Despite enjoying thier time together, she had no intention of leaving her husband, and they both put in for reassignment in order to be closer to each other.

However, before their request was granted, the Bombay was ambushed by six Tholian vessels over the Ravanar IV Starfleet outpost. During the desperate fight to protect the outpost, the Bombay managed to destroy three Tholian cruisers, but is was severely demaged. Captain Gannon managed to catch one more cruiser with a tractor beam, and with D'Amato's assistance, she engaged the self destruct sequence. She perished with the rest of the crew. (VAN novel: Harbinger)



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According to author David Mack, D'Amato was imagined as a likeness based on Monica Bellucci (annotation).

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