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As the USS Titan ventures beyond the outermost reaches of known space, the telepaths in her crew—including Diplomatic Officer Deanna Troi—are overwhelmed by an alien cry of distress, leading the ship to the scene of a shocking act of carnage: a civilization of interstellar "whalers" preying upon and exploiting a familiar species of sentient spaceborn giants.
Appalled but reluctant to rush to judgment, Captain William T. Riker and his crew investigate, discovering a cosmic spawning ground in a region of active star formation—the ecosystem for a bewildering array of diverse but similarly vast lifeforms. While attempting to negotiate an end to the victimization of these creatures, Riker's crew inadvertently grants them the means to defeat their hunters' purpose… only to learn that things are not exactly as they seem.


Part 1: Giants in the Sky


Written in a stream-of-consciousness style, a school of space-born life-forms meet more of their kind. They are attacked and their call for help is answered.

Chapter 1

USS Titan, Stardate 57137.8 (February 20, 2380, 10:30): Deanna Troi wakes up from a bad dream. She dismisses it as anxiety about the start of their mission, but cannot go back to sleep, so she takes a walk around the ship. While reflecting on the diversity of the Titan's crew, she passes the mess hall, where the ship's carnivores, including Dr. Ree, are eating. Continuing on, she encounters Dr. Ra-Havreii coming out of Ensign Lavena's quarters. She escorts him to his quarters while discussing his unwelcome advances on Ensign Panyarachun. She continues to brush off his advances on her until he is back in his quarters, when she admits to herself that they were amusing.



Aq'hareqAxel BolajiTotyarguil BolajiBralikTorvig Bu-Kar-NguvChamishChe'sethriChi'harthiChi'tharuZurin DakalEvikuPodni FasdenPral glasch HaajFo HachesaIeq'hairuJaza NajemK'chak'!'opKekilRanul KeruKuu'iutAili LavenaLonam-ArjaOrilly MalarKenneth NorellisOderiAlyssa OgawaOkaforTasanee PanyarachunMelora PazlarProplydianQui'chiriQui'hibraXin Ra-HavreiiRagerShenti Yisec Eres ReeRha'djemiRhi'thathRiathrekWilliam T. RikerRriarrSavalekSe'hraquaHuilan Sen'karaT'PelTir'chuaiTir'hruthiDeanna TroiTuvokTylithChristine ValeWangliaphunnamed Shalraunnamed Shizadam
Referenced only
Leonard James AkaarTangre BertoranOlivia BolajiJames CookCrystalline EntityDataCarmen DavilaWillard DeckerRobert DeSotoAnnika HansenSean HawkFred HoyleJevKesKinchawnJames T. KirkNidani LedrahKyla MarrRaymond MarrMekrikukNeelixTom ParisJean-Luc PicardNoah PowellQRed King entityKyle RikerEbenezer ScroogeShinzonSpotLon SuderSurakT'LirinGillian TaylorIan Andrew Troi IIKestra TroiLwaxana TroiTuvixUjisuVkrukWorfMin ZifeZorn

Starships and vehicles

USS Titan
Referenced only
USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EUSS ExcelsiorUSS FarragutUSS GanymedeUSS HoodUSS LunaUSS OlympiaUSS Voyager

Races and cultures

Referenced only
BandiBorgCatullanFoundersGreat Buildershumpback whaleJem'HadarKazonKlingonKomarNeyelRemanRomulanUllianVidiianvoliro


Beta QuadrantGum NebulaKestraKestra IIKyle systemKyle IIIOrion ArmUdonok Station
Referenced only
Alpha QuadrantArken IIBa'kuBeta StromgrenChoblavCygnus ReachDelta QuadrantDelta Sigma IVDeneb systemDokaalanEarthFarpoint StationGemworldHawaiiIzarKappa VelorumLur-IrrMintakaMiramanee's WorldOghenOrion AssociationQuelhaRomulusSmall Magellanic CloudStarbase 185Starfleet AcademyTezwaVikr'l Prison

States and organizations

Clan Aq'Tri'HheClan Che'Hith'RhaClan Qui'Tir'IeqFederationMaquisStarfleetStarfleet Corps of Engineers

Other references

Argelian potstickerastrocoelenterateBig BangBlack CloudCardassian border warsConclave of ElderscosmozoanDominion WareggenchiladaEyes in the darkfal-tor-vohGreat HoundingGreat UpgradeHippocratic OathMedal of Valormok'barananoprobePrime DirectiveQui'ha lineSelkiesskymountTzenkethi War





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