The Orion Alliance was a secret rebel organization and shadow government formed by the Orion slaves with the aim of gaining their freedom from the aliens who enslaved them.

The Orion Alliance was founded in secret in September 7901 BCE (reference stardate -99/0109), under Chairman Klendal Hanok the Liberator. By whispered word of mouth, news was passed to Orions on every Colony. Its ultimate aim was to liberate the Orion homeworld of Botchok (Rigel VIII) and abolish the Treaty of Kammzdast, which governed the enslavement of the Orion race. Klendal warned, however, that this victory would only come after many generations of patient work, and so subtly that barely anyone would notice.

The Alliance’s founding came during the Era of Good Feeling, after a period of surreptitious technical development and growing access to space travel by the Orion slaves. Its first decree, then, was that every Orion in every Colony had to master any alien technologies that they found, to facilitate their liberation.

Much later, after the growth of Orion piracy, which functioned as a guerrilla war against the alien masters, the aliens met in the 144th Rigel Conference in 891 BCE (stardate -28/9104) to discuss the pirate issue. Meanwhile, an emergency meeting of the Orion Alliance met on Botchok to do the same. The Alliance split into two factions over the issue: the Gradualists who proposed a gradual transition towards independence and felt that piracy hurt this cause and should be limited; and the Militarists, who claimed that a strong space navy was essential and that the Gradualist approach was impossible.

The Alliance was made purely of Ruddy Orions, who comprised the Militarist faction, and Colonial Grey Orions, who made up the Gradualists. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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